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About Us

Our NERC DTP encompasses research activities within three broad themes: the science of the Earth's Atmosphere, Geosphere (including Geology and Geophysics) and Biosphere (see figure). These themes cut across the six academic departments involved, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of much of our research, which spans the breadth of the NERC remit. We recruit graduates who have studied a wide range of subjects including chemistry, physics, biology, earth sciences, geography, maths, engineering and computing as well as all branches of environmental science. We admitted our first students in October 2014, we currently have over 100 PhD and recruited our last cohort in 2018.

NERC DTP themes

Some of the major environmental challenges that our DTP PhD projects address are:

  •  Air pollution and human healthaerosols, chemistry, emissions and policy.
  •  Extreme or high-impact weatherclouds, rainfall and drought, winds, regional weather and its statistics.
  •  Natural hazardsearthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, storms, floods, droughts, space weather, wildfire.
  •  Sustainable use of natural resourceswater, nutrients, hydrocarbons, soils, minerals, biodiversity.
  •  Management of biotic populationsconservation, invasive aliens, pests and pathogens.
  •  Global food security and sustainable agriculture crops, landscapes & ecosystem services.
  •  Climate and environmental changeunderstanding, adaptation and mitigation.