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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a DTP?
    A Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) is the new system NERC is using to train PhD students in environmental science. A DTP consists of academic departments and external partners from industry, commerce or research.

  • What funding is available?
    DTPs will provide students with a full PhD studentship. This consists of a personal stipend at RCUK rates for 3.5 years (at least) and generous support for research costs, fieldwork and conference travel.

  • Can I apply for more than 1 DTP project?
    No, you can only apply for 1 project within the DTP. Applicants who are interested in more than one project should contact the lead supervisors for further information about each project, so that they can then apply for their preferred choice. We aim to recruit the overall best applicants based on their academic merit and interview performance. Following interview, strong candidates whose preferred project is no longer available will be offered an alternative, where possible.

  • I am an EU citizen can I apply?
    Yes, we are able to offer a number of our fully funded studentships (stipend + fees) to EU citizens each year. The universities of Leeds and York have both confirmed that EU students starting in October 2017 qualify for UK-rate fees throughout their period of study. Therefore, the current situation is that we can continue to recruit students.

  • I am a member of academic staff in one of the DTP's departments in Leeds, where can I find the forms I need?
    DTP forms for staff are located in a shared directory (N: Drive) which can be found here N:\Earth&Environment\Faculty\Graduate School\Leeds-York DTP\SharedForms