SEE – CHEM Meeting – April 25th

By on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

April 25th marked the return of the School of Earth and Environment/ Chemistry meetings with the beginning session focused on the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere area of the atmosphere in the Chemistry seminar room. 3 speakers gave their talks over an hour and a half period:

Chris Kelly – Chemistry-climate model simulations of a mesospheric-lower thermospheric source of nitrous oxide – Currently on the verge of publication.

Shane Daly – Global observations of Ni and Al in the upper atmosphere

Dave Bones – Laboratory measurements of Ni ablation from meteorites and rate coefficients for gas phase reactions. This talk discussed the use of novel meteoric ablation simulator where vaporization of cosmic dust material is simulated in the lab.

Luckily all talks were well received! It didn’t help that I completed the talk the day before so some of the graphs used comparing the relative Nickel (Ni) and Iron layer (Fe) were hot off the press.

Many thanks to Richard Pope for organizing it.

The talk began with Chris Kelly and his results

David presenting his ablation results