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DTP Students at NERC's 'Into the Blue'

Oct 20, 2016

Students from across our DTP are playing prominent roles in NERC’s outreach event Into the Blue from October 25th-29th in Manchester. This event will bring alive the world of environmental science and research by immersing visitors in a hands-on science exhibition at the airport’s Runway Visitor Park.

DTP students Sarah Fell and Sarah Letsinger, from the School of Geography, have developed a display stall on ‘Our Watery Wastebins’. The display will explain how plastics from everyday objects can end up polluting our rivers and oceans. They will be assisted by a team of fellow PhD students, including Will Dixon and Jenna Sutherland from the DTP.

Lauren Marshall, Hana Pearce and Claire Harnett, from the School of Earth and Environment, have co-developed the volcano-themed display led by Dr Anja Schmidt. This is entitled ‘The Year Without Summer’ and describes the impact of volcanic ash on the atmosphere through the eruption of Tambora in 1815, which led to extremely poor weather exactly 200 years ago. Visitors will see a model of an active volcano and learn about how volcanic ash can impact aviation.

Will Fincham and Cat Shannon, along with Dr Alison Dunn from the School of Biology, are running a stall on ‘Stop the Spread’ of invasive non-native species. (INNS) The display highlights some of the problems caused by different INNS in the environment, including blocked pipes, dead fish and flooding. INNS spread by various routes, including transport, trade and leisure. Plant fragments, seeds and small animals can hitch a ride on shoes, clothes and equipment. Visitors to the display will see live invasive animals and plants that affect the UK, including Demon shrimp, Parrots feather, Chinese mitten crabs and Signal crayfish, and learn how to carry out simple biosecurity practices (‘check, clean, dry’) to reduce the risk of spreading these harmful invaders.