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DTP Sudent Presentations at EGU

April 9, 2018

Credit: Pfluegl/EGU

It's that time of year again where the world's environmental and geoscientists decend on Vienna to present and discuss their work, and our PhD students are no exception. We have a large number of students attending EGU this year and a number of poster and oral presentations. Please see below for the details of our student presentations:

EGU2018-8557 | Posters | CR5.3
Subglacial Sediment Characterisation using Analysis of Seismic Surface Waves
Siobhan Killingbeck, Adam Booth, Phil Livermore, and Jared West
Mon, 09 Apr, 17:30–19:00, Hall X4, X4.43

EGU2018-1132 | Orals | CR1.3/CL1.26/GM9.5
Modelling the Role of Topography and Basal Friction in the Collapse of the Minch Palaeo Ice Stream, Scotland
Niall Gandy, Lauren Gregoire, Jeremy Ely, Christopher Clark, and Tom Bradwell
Tue, 10 Apr, 16:00–16:15, Room 1.85

EGU2018-14356 | Orals | CR1.3/CL1.26/GM9.5
Icebergs in the North Atlantic during the Pliocene?
Yvonne Smith, Alan Haywood, Daniel Hill, Aisling Dolan, and Harry Dowsett
Tue, 10 Apr, 16:45–17:00, Room 1.85

EGU2018-14072 | Orals | AS3.28
Hydroxyl radical observations during the wintertime in Beijing and comparison with steady state model calculations.
Eloise Slater, Lisa Whalley, Robert Woodward-Massey, Chunxiang Ye, Leigh Crilley, Louisa Kramer, William Bloss, Tuan Vu, Freya Squires, Rachel Dunmore, James Lee, and Dwayne Heard
Wed, 11 Apr, 13:45–14:00, Room 0.11

EGU2018-6372 | Orals | GMPV4.6/NH2.5
Modelling unstable lava domes: testing collapse triggers using a discrete element method
Claire Harnett, Mark Thomas, Matt Purvance, and Jurgen Neuberg
Thu, 12 Apr, 16:45–17:00, Room G1

EGU2018-5019 | Posters | GMPV4.6/NH2.5
Linking spatial and temporal variations in shear stress within a volcanic conduit to observed deformation and seismicity
Luke Marsden, Jurgen Neuberg, and Mark Thomas
Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00, Hall X2, X2.348

EGU2018-209 | Posters | BG4.2
Prescribed burning, atmospheric pollution and grazing effects on peatland vegetation composition
Alice Noble, Sheila M Palmer, David J Glaves, Alistair Crowle, Lee E Brown, and Joseph Holden
Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00, Hall A, A.450

EGU2018-14579 | Posters | BG4.2
Impact of Indonesian fires on Equatorial Asian air quality between 2002 and 2015
Laura Kiely, Dominick Spracklen, Stephen Arnold, John Marsham, Carly Reddington, Luke Conibear, Christoph Knote, Mikinori Kuwata, and Sri Hapsari Budisulistiorini
Thu, 12 Apr, 17:30–19:00, Hall A, A.457