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From seismogram to magma: linking geophysical and petrological observations and models

Prof J W Neuberg (SEE), Dr Dan Morgan (SEE)

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This project is an integrated study of volcanic systems linking geophysical and petrological observations and models. Geophysical monitoring of active volcanic systems is a routine methodology deployed worldwide at volcanoes such as Kilauea, Montserrrat and Vesuvius. In recent years, understanding of the origins of geophysical signals such as seismicity and ground deformation has led to new insights regarding the physical processes that operate during the ascent and extrusion of magma. In parallel, petrological studies are moving forward with determinations of short timescale processes such as magma mixing, ascent or magma chamber overturn and extracting key information from magmatic systems, such as rheology, degassing and crystallisation histories. This project will integrate these two approaches, using petrological and geophysical methods to constrain magmatic parameters and processes at depth.