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Welcome to the website for the SPHERES NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). Our NERC DTP spans the science of Earth’s atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere. It is hosted by five academic departments at the University of Leeds and one at the University of York, building on a history of bi-lateral and multi-lateral research collaboration. Through high quality research projects and training, we attract excellent postgraduate students into natural environment science research and train them for future employment and leadership, enabling them to contribute to environmental well-being and UK economic prosperity. We have recruited over 100 students in 5 cohorts since October 2014. Their research projects tackle current and future global challenges such as climate change, atmospheric pollution, natural hazards, sustainable use of natural resources (e.g., water, hydrocarbons, minerals, soils, forests, biodiversity) and food security.

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Dr Sebastian Rost

Please Click here for the NERC Panorama DTP website.

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News Archive


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